War Of 1812 Equality

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At the turn of the 19th century, America would move to develop a more modern system of democratic ideals that include equality, the pursuit of happiness, and diversity using the Constitution as a guide. The Constitution states that America was built to be a land of equal opportunity where people, no matter where they start, can end up in a better place than where they began. America was created and built by immigrants and the Constitution agrees and celebrates this fact. After the War of 1812, America was able to focus more on developing these ideals.

Equality was a prime focus for the States after the War of 1812. America was willing to give more rights to people because they had shown what they were capable of in the war. While many groups of people did not receive any new rights, America took a step in the right direction. The United States government came to the realization that there needed to be a higher priority on education which lead to the foundation of many public schools in many of the states. The government also came to see that a very small percentage of citizens in the U.S had the right to vote; only 6%. And of these few, everyone had land and was fairly wealthy. Jefferson and his administration worked to remove some of the requirements to vote, opening up voting to not
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After the War of 1812, workplaces all over the United States diversified. Factories came to see more free African Americans, Germans, Irishmen, and other nationalities working within them. Plantations welcomed Irishmen displaced by the potato famine and some free men that were willing to work alongside the plantation. To be able to accommodate a growing population and to diversify its resources, America began expanding west. Settlers in the west came once again into contact with Native American groups that in a way became reliant on and even part of the Western
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