War Of 1812 Outline

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War of 1812 1812-1814 Starting on June 18th, 1812, and lasting for 2 and a half years, the War of 1812 was the fight against the United States and British Empire over the British practicing the act of impressment. (“The act or policy of seizing persons and compelling them to serve in the military, especially in naval forces.” American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition) 1812-1814: The battle begins Thinking that they’ll have better success of gaining land and cutting off British supply lines, the United States attacked the Canadian forces first. All did not go as planned though, the American soldiers were not experienced in combat so, they were quickly defeated and the British boarders were successfully defended. 1813, British and American ships fought for control over Lake Erie. American soldiers under Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry won, giving America the power over Lake Erie. Now having control over Lake Erie, American soldiers were able to invade and burn Toronto. 1814: The composure of the national anthem As American soldiers invaded Britain territory, the British started to invade U.S. territory. Seeking revenge on the…show more content…
Signing the treaty lead to the state of restoration in which the two boarders were like before the break-out of the war. Although the treaty had been officially signed, news of the treaty had not yet reached forces fighting in Belgium until January of 1815. Both opponents had thought they had won the war, but there was no official outcome of who had won the war due to the American soldiers failing to conquer Canada. Since the British had impressed American naval forces to help defeat the Napoleonic Wars that was currently going on at the time, once the Napoleonic Wars had finished that solved the conflict with impressment of American naval
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