War Of 1812 Patriotism

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Not even thirty years after the famous Revolutionary War for independence; America, yet again, finds herself entangled in another war with Great Britain, better known as the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was not considered as one of America’s greatest accomplishments. What started off as a European war that didn’t involve the U.S., swiftly turned into the “second battle of independence” for America. Although many New Englanders or Americans viewed the war with dreadful eyes, throughout the two and a half years that the war lasted for, Americans grew to generate an intense amount of patriotism towards the end of the war. The build up for the War of 1812 started with a different war between Napoleon’s French army, and the army of Great…show more content…
After the British finally defeated Napoleon and his army in the Battle of Waterloo, they turned their full attention to the U.S. and plotted their attack. Four thousand British troops marched into the capital and attacked an unguarded Washington D.C. First they mocked the Americans by eating a meal in the White House and then mercilessly, they burned the House to the ground, along with the Capitol, the Library of Congress, and many other government buildings. This terrorism act, enraged Americans, motivating their spirits up to it’s peak. The War of 1812 involved three wars that were fought on separate fronts. Although America lost the war for Canada in the North, they won the western and southern war and the final war, the Battle of New Orleans under the leadership of the “war hero”, Andrew Jackson. Wrapping up the War of 1812 with the signing of the peace treaty in Belgium, in 1814, the British finally decides that the war with America just wasn’t worth it anymore. The end result was a negotiation between the U.S. and the British delegates. Each side drop demands one by one until the delegates agree to end the war officially. In the end, although there were plenty of losses, the overall “victory” in the War of 1812 ignited a spur for a united, and patriotic nation. America has yet again survived a “second war of independence” fought against the one of the world’s most powerful
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