War Of 1812 Research Paper

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The United States of America become its own independent nation on July 4, 1776. Previously the United States was under the unfair rule of the British. The British treated them unfairly with high taxes and no representation. The Americans were tired of the unfair treatment so they decided to break away from British rule and become independent. After becoming an independent nation, the United States became stronger through the war of 1812, economic improvements, and westward expansion, The war of 1812 was a war fought between the United states and the British. The war was fought over economic sanctions put on the U.S. by the British and the horrible practice of impressment. Impressment is forcing people into public use. In this case, the British…show more content…
In 1803 the united states purchased the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars from France. The total area of the land was about 827,000 square miles. During this time, a new ideology began to inspire many Americans. That belief was the Manifest Destiny. This was a belief that the United states was obliged to expand its borders all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Texas was a large territory that use to belong to Mexico. The Land was vast and very cheap so many Americans immigrated to Texas. At the time, the Mexican Government feared The Americans would reject Mexican laws. Majority of tejanos and Americans who had settled in Texas hated the laws created by Mexico’s President Santa Anna. They Decided to break away and fight for their own independence. Eventually the Texans would defeat Santa Anna and gained their Independence. After James Polk Became President in 1845, Congress voted for the annexation of Texas. Even though the United states had annexed Texas. There was still tension between them and Mexico. They had disagreements on the border between Mexico and Texas. As a result, the U.S. declared war on Mexico in 1846. The War ended with Mexico signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. RIo Grande became the border between Mexico and Texas. In the end, the U.S. attained
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