War Of Independence Dbq Analysis

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The war of independence was fought from 1775-1782. In the beginning, it was largely believed that Britain would be successful. However, the Americans proved to be victorious in the end, overcoming many challenges that were thrown their way. The biggest threat to their independence was simply the strength of the British. Their experience of ruling over many nations during the past 100 years proved to come in handy. They had the best military in the world, their warriors all around prepared, disciplined, and encouraged, having high wages and the best equipment. The British naval force commanded the oceans. Funds were more effortlessly raised by the Empire than by the Continental Congress. Some of those were utilized to hire Hessian soldiers to battle the Americans.…show more content…
They had huge trouble sufficiently raising trusts to buy essential supplies for their troops, including shoes and covers. Around one in five Americans transparently supported the Crown, with about 50% of the population planning to avoid the conflict. Most Indian tribes supported Britain, who had guaranteed security of tribal lands. Even with the challenges face by the Americans, they were able to defeat Great Britain in the War of Independence, overcoming the obstacles they faced. They had great spirit and a grand cause to fight, battling for their rights, their liberty and their freedom. They had a strong will to fight and were unified in their cause. Britain had its own weaknesses during war. The British battled a war a long way from home. Military requests, troops, and supplies here and there took months to arrive to their destinations. The length of the war proceeded and the geographic vastness of the provinces was a hindrance to the British attempts. Regardless of possessing each significant area, the British remained at a
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