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Do you believe in aliens? The War of the Worlds movie, screenplay by Josh Friedman & David Koepp, is based off of H.G. Wells’s book, War of the Worlds. The book is about a man named Ray who has to take care of his kids, Rachel and Robbie, for a few days while his ex-wife, Mary Ann, and her new husband go to Boston, Massachusetts for a few days, to visit their parents and in-laws. After a fight between Robbie and Ray, there was, what seemed to be, a lightning storm. Lightning strikes the same place more than 10 times. After the lightning stops, Martian tripods appear. The theme of the War of the Worlds is people can change their personalities when a crisis happens. There are three characters that support this theme. The first character that supports the theme of War of the Worlds is the dad, Ray. At the beginning of the movie, Ray seems to only care about himself and is acting a little depressed. His relationships with his kids is pretty bad. When the invasion happens he starts to show a more caring and protective side; his relationship with his kids got better. An example of this in the movie is when a crowd is trying to get into the car but Ray does not care about the car and just wants his kids. He even threatens to shoot someone, while trying to find Robbie, and getting Rachel out of the car. Another example is when Robbie is going towards a Martian, and Ray tries to stop him, or when Rachel got pulled outside the house by a Martian, and Ray went looking for her,

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