War Photographer Analysis

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Lament by Gillian Clarke and War Photographer by Duffy portrays two different storylines and views on war. It also presents how the impact of war made them feel. Clarke identifies war as an expression of sadness and anger. As well as showing her grief towards the many deaths caused by the Gulf War in 1991. Whilst, Duffy perceives war as chaos and the choice being made whether to record the horrific events of war or help out with the problem. Both of the poems have a completely different approach towards war and how they express their perception. This is effectively described/interpreted by displaying their own use of literary techniques, use of language and structuring of the poems.

Clarke presents her thoughts and ideas extensively throughout the poem by using vivid imagery. For example in lines one and two, “For the green turtle with her pulsing burden, in search of the breeding-ground.” This shows that the word ‘pulsing’ are contractions of the muscles in the turtle’s stomach and the word ‘burden’ shows that it’s a heavy load and she’s in a great deal of pain as she is desperate to lay her egg and this is causing her
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This also emphasises the religious imagery and reinforcing the fragility of life. However, near the end it becomes quite casual and funny using simple words especially in the last stanza. An example of this is when she says “pre-lunch beers”. This shows that her perception of war is not portraying a sorrow mood but more carelessness. This gives us a sense of how little she identifies with the lives and values of the
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