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The War Powers Resolution of 1973, more commonly known as the War Powers Act, requires that the President of the United States must inform Congress within 48 hours of sending any of the troops into armed action. The Resolution also prohibits any military personnel from being in a state of war for more than sixty days. This also includes an additional thirty days for withdrawing troops from conflict. After this time period has past, the President is urged to seek a further approval from Congress or a formal declaration of war. The War Powers Act was passed to help reassert Congress’s control over declaring war against other countries. The Constitution states that the war powers of the federal government are to be divided between Congress…show more content…
Though I agree with what the act it trying to accomplish because Congress in trying to stay in control of the power to declare war and limit the President’s power to declare war. I honestly feel that power is too much power for one person such as the President to control. I would hope in the future that Congress passes a more effective War Powers Act that the President will have to follow. One of the Presidents that has violated the War Powers Act was President Bill Clinton when he got our military involved in Kosovo. President Clinton didn’t receive Congress’s approval to get involved in the conflict in Kosovo, in fact they voted against it several times. Congress ended up giving him approval after a while, which didn’t really matter since he went ahead and sent troops in already. I don’t think he should have violated the War Powers Act because Congress didn’t want to get involved in Kosovo. President Clinton shouldn’t have the power to overrule Congress’s decision over getting involved in a

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