War Propaganda Analysis

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War propaganda is created to exploit the publics attitude and their view towards war. This piece of war propaganda was designed to captivate anyone who looks at it and make them reflect on the war. It evokes emotion towards the issue without creating a verbal discussion and influences people to sympathize with what they the artists illustrate in this case, those fighting for Iraq. This specific piece is called War propaganda by Marc Pageau. In 2003 the United States president George W. Bush along with the United Kingdoms prime minister Tony Blair united to disarm Iraq of weapons, end Saddam Hussein’s sustenance for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people. The Bush Administration fabricated their case to go to war on the possibility that the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, had or was…show more content…
He was seen as a horrible individual who was responsible for killing tens of thousands of his own people. He also was an avid supporter of terrorism and was a huge threat to his own people. Also in this poster Pageu drew an oil rig with oil spewing out of the top. This is because Iraq has an abundant supply of petroleum. The Bush administration wanted nothing to do with Iraq’s oil reserves, but Hussein could have used the reserves to benefit himself. Hussein “would always use petrodollar influence to undermine U.N. resolutions, seek to spike world oil prices”. Hussein could have used the oil to dominate the whole region and used the currency from exporting the petroleum to cripple the United Nations judgement. With Iraq having such a large supply of oil he could have single handedly raised world oil prices. Iraq also did not have weapons like the United States or the Unites Kingdom. Their weapons were far less superior. As depicted in this poster an Iraqi soldier is shooting a slingshot into the barrel of a gun belonging to the United States and United Kingdoms army. This is showing the discrepancy between the two military’s and how Iraq’s weapons weren’t as advanced as their
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