War: Reasons And Causes Of The Iraq War?

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QUESTION 1: War is an event that has been a part of world events since the beginning of time. It has defined the geographical boundaries of counties. It has shaped the United States and what it America has become today: the Civil War, War of 1812, Independence War, Spanish War, and World War I. The reasons or causes for war have been embodied in what is known as the “just war theory.” Jon Dorbolo of Oregon State University suggested that going to war “ the basis on which nations seek to legally and morally justify going to war.” There are acceptable reasons why a nation will declare war. It deals with why nations go to war, and it pertains with the conduct of war. Scholars have identified two (2) reasons for the “just war” theory which are known as “Jus Ad Bellum” (the right to go to war) and “Jus In Bello” (the right conduct of war).…show more content…
The Iraq War was not a good example of the United States going to war after all of the facts became known; however, the facts that were presented to the United Nations (UN) and the American people were a reason to go to war with Iraq because the Iraq government possessed weapons of mass destruction (which turned out to be false and made up by the Brush Administration). Another example, if Iran would bomb Saudi Arab without any cause, it would be a valid reason to go to war since the United States is an ally of Saudi
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