War Relocation Authority Essay

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On December 7th, 1941 Marine Sgt Richard I. Fiske was following his routine as he always did aboard the USS West Virginia which was moored in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Sergeant Fiske was the Bugler for the ship. He was waiting on the bridge of the ship about to play the “colors” which is the call to render honor to the nation. It was then that his ship was attacked by Japanese Airplanes. The horrific slaughter that followed was the last straw for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The U.S was going to war and our Commander and Chief had the broad responsibility to lead us as a nation in what would soon become known as World War II. Franklin D Roosevelt had decided to declare war. This would take us into a period of time that Roosevelt had to make many difficult choices out of fear and bad advice. “Two months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 ordering all Japanese-Americans to evacuate the west coast.” ( 2015) This decision eventually led to the internment of Japanese citizens against their will. Fear, Panic and bad Counsel Led President franklin D.…show more content…
The US Army began to develop a plan on how to proceed with the intent of the Order. They established what was known as military zones along the west coast of the United States. All of the Japanese-Americans were asked to first voluntarily leave these zones. What was missing though was a plan on who was to be in control of how to take care of the evacuees. Who was going to handle the mass movement and re-establishment of this many people? The answer is the War Relocation Authority. It was not a military unit or function but rather one that was run by civilians.” The War Relocation Authority was given the official power it needed on March 18, 1942, by Executive Order 9102. (War Relocation
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