War Room Reflection

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War Room The film War Room begins as an older lady, Miss Clara, is visiting her late husband 's grave. Miss Clara is a devout Christian women, who even has an entire room dedicated to prayer. She calls this room her war room. Miss Clara believes that people need to learn how to fight what is actually worth fighting, which she believes is Satan and sin in general. She puts her house up for sell, eventually working her way into her realtors personal life, believing God is sending her on a wonderful mission. She takes Elizabeth Jordan under her wing to help guide Elizabeth back to God, as well as fix her broken family. Elizabeth’s husband, Tony, is a wealthy, as well as self-centered, salesman. All he does each time he returns home is argue with his wife, causing not only Elizabeth to be extremely hurt, but also their daughter. Elizabeth talks to him about transferring some money to her sister and her husband to lend them a helping hand, but Tony just precedes to tell her that he is the one making the money. He will not allow her to loan them money, even going as far as to call her sisters husband a bum.
Over the course of the movie we see Tony fall deeper and deeper into sinful nature, even almost cheating on Elizabeth with a women he meant on one of his frequent business trips. During this time, Elizabeth is learning how to trust God and pray for him to work in Tony’s life. Her relationship with her daughter grows exponentially during this time as well, all of this
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