War Room Reflection

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War room is a spiritual based movie about a woman who was on her early forties with a husband and one child, a daughter. Even though the family was financially stable having their dream jobs and a fancy house they were facing a lot of challenges more especially the wife who had to keep up with her husband’s ill treatment, there was no happiness and communication the only thing that this couple did best was to fight. The fighting affected the child but none of them noticed because they were preoccupied by each other and their fights to even see that the child was affected and struggling. It happened one day that the woman met someone at her work who changed her whole perception on how one should fight her battles of happiness and peace in life, this is when the woman’s life changed for the best, as she started to fight for her family and not against them. She was introduced to prayer as the key to winning the battle of both happiness and peace for herself and her family. She started to engage more on this activity and building her spiritual life and being more focused on that than on the physical fighting she has been doing with her husband but with no positive result. As she continued with this practice after a few weeks she began to regain her purpose in life and in the process found meaning of life in God. Her finding her purpose again and meaning of life in God the family was rebuilt and there was love, peace and happiness once again between the couple and they also
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