War: The Role Of PTSD In The Military

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We live in a cruel world. In this world today war is going on all around us. In different countries even in politics, but what happens to our soldiers over sea? What happens when they come back from war? When they come back are they still fighting in the war? PTSD is a very serious condition; where people suffer from an illness created in their mind. PTSD is very common in the military. Most people develop this illness after coming home from war. PTSD could lead into very bad and traumatic incidents to themselves and their families. One instance of PTSD in the military is the famous case of Chris Kyle. Kyle is known as the “American Sniper.” There are books and even a movie about his life and what tragically happened to him. Soldiers who suffer from this might see someone who is trying to help as a…show more content…
There was times that he would be at home; staring at a blank television, because he would just be thinking of the gun shots that he himself had fired. Kyle had killed many men, women, and children. It ripped up his soul and mind inside. Kyle had over 120 confirmed kills. He saw what he would do to people, the only thing that kept him from going crazy was he knew it was for the better. The Navy Seal had seen and been through the worst possible scenarios ever. Kyle’s family suffered horribly to. One day Kyle had called his wife while he was over seas’. Mrs. Kyle had just told him that she was having a baby boy. While on the phone with his wife he got attacked. There was gun shots and many killings. Mrs. Kyle could hear and had to listen to everything. It was a very horrible incident that she had to experience. When Kyle made it home after his second tour, he wasn’t the same. He was slowly losing his mind. His so was having a birthday party. He dog was playing around with his son. Kyle so used to dogs just wanting to attack he grabbed his belt and was about to put the dog down. Mrs. Kyle screamed his name and was very
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