Warcraft Technology In The 1960s Essay

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Our group will talk about Technology Developments in the 1960s, focusing mainly on three different aspects: Warcraft Technology, Technology in Science and Everyday Technology. Inside the Warcraft Technology we would talk about the different types of guns developed for fight specially in the Vietnam War, the use of new helicopter models, aircraft, different traps used in the Vietnam War and the creation of Kevlar which helped in saving many lives.
In Science Technology, we would concentrate on the different innovations which led to the use of different chemical defoliants and herbicides used on Vietnam, which of course would later led to ecological damage and health defects and problems on Vietnamese as well as on American soldiers.
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She was asked to develop a synthetic material that might offer a lighter, more fuel-efficient alternative to metal reinforcements in car tyres. She stumbled on a surprising compound, a liquid crystalline solution that could be transformed into astoundingly strong fibers. Of them, what we know as Kevlar.
Topic 2: Science
Napalm’s origins stem directly from the use of flamethrowers during WWI. Even though widely used, flamethrowers were still ineffective, being extremely cumbersome (soldiers had to carry both a petroleum tank and a gas-filled tank, both highly flammable and vulnerable to enemy fire) and unable to create a fire that burned for any prolonged period of time.
To prolong the lifetime of the fire created, U.S. scientists started developing (in secret) a new kind of flammable weapon during WWII. By mixing petroleum with latex, they managed to create a jelly-like substance, which was the first attempt at creating what would be later known as napalm. Due to the Japanese campaign on Southeast Asia (where most of the latex-producing trees were located) a new way of producing napalm had to be

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