Managing A Warehouse Essay

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This section will explain the recommendations base on the previous research that has been gathered for Preventing and reducing accidents at warehouse and should be one of the forefront issues for anyone who is responsible for employees and nonemployees on their premise. The purpose of the recommendation is to provide better to assist you to identify, assess and control the risks in warehouse.


For small and large warehouses, the issues are often the same capacity with inventory issues. Usually when a warehouse was packed with pallets and cases inventories, the basic rules for managing warehouse and get ignored. In order to keep more inventory, products are often broken, missing and not accounted for in the inventory management system. Problems can also create
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Typically, this issue involving inventory accuracy, damage and product introduction can get traced back to mistakes of employees. Improper warehouse staff are trained to handle the issue better inventory trained staff often avoid. For example, a less qualified forklift driver is more likely to damage the product when storing and retrieving inventory of an experienced forklift driver. Proper training to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce warehouse inventory management issues.

FIRES TRAINING warehouse fires could to take severe impact on the warehouse. Warehouse fires may bring damaging effect of costly and large but is considered one of the occurrences can be prevented. To avoid this disaster to the workers, namely, ensuring install warehouse a sprinkler system, while giving employees easy enough to fire extinguishers. Secondly, make sure the electric cable barn in good stream. In addition, ensure that workers handling flammable liquids and gases with the right tools

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