Warehouse History

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The most famous grocery supermarket in New Zealand is The Warehouse, Warehouse supermarkets are all over New Zealand. Warehouse in English mean is a "warehouse", and the supermarket to show their warehouse style shopping experience and low commodity prices, just in front of the warehouse with an English “The” definite as its store name, this naming method is convenient and easy to remember. In the name and catchy, it reflects the market positioning of their aim. The Warehouse is a shop frequented by New Zealanders in New Zealand. Because most of its products are made in China, the quality of the products is not top-ranking, so some local narrow minded New Zealanders call it The Chinese Warehouse.
The history of The Warehouse has been over 30
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Everything is contained therein, from electronic game discs to a mobile phone; if you live in New Zealand, hoping to use the fastest time to buy the whole, the cheapest the necessities of life, so only at The Warehouse stores around a circle you can basically complete processing.
The group headquarters office of The Warehouse is located in North Shore city of Auckland. The whole group has 89 stores in New Zealand now, employing nearly 9000 employees. Its CEO Mark Powell is considered to be one of the more famous CEO in New Zealand. At the same time, The Warehouse is also a major stock in the New Zealand stock market NZX, which has a market value of more than 2 billion 200 million New Zealand dollars and the transaction code is WHS.(Bowden,
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In every town of New Zealand, there are at least one The Warehouse store in each town(Sayers, Low, & Davenport, 2007). The layout and goods must be familiar with people living in New Zealand. The feature of Warehouse, including household goods, is a new concept for New Zealanders when the one-stop retail concept began in 80s. Mr Stephen Tindell, the founder of The Warehouse, estimated that 95% of new Zealanders had a Warehouse store in their half hour drive, which was unexpected when he just started their own business. The organization in the globalization, there are benefits and negative influence under the growing popularity of high-tech, globalization makes Chinese products to enter the New Zealand market with low price and transportation cost; negative influences such as the instead by Internet e-commerce style traditional supermarket sales continue to decline.

I believe The Warehouse group, with its excellent reputation, market share and the ability to adapt to the new marketing trends, is hopeful to gain further

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