Warfare In Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europeans had a variety of weapons and siege craft used for battling. The weapons categories are bladed hand-held, dulled hand-held and long range hand-held. Categories of siege craft include catapults, scaling ladders, siege towers, and battering rams. Another siege strategy is tunneling. Weapons The bladed hand-held category includes swords and daggers. The swords consist of arming swords, broad swords, falchions and long swords. The most famous of these is the arming sword, often called the knights sword. The arming sword was the standard sword for the military. (http://www.medievalwarfare.info/weapons.htm) The common use of this sword is between circa.1000 A.D and circa.1350 A.D. Medieval Europeans also used clubs and maces when at war. Some of these, for example the flanged mace, were able to dent or even penetrate the armor that soldiers wore, even if it was thick. Others could only dent it but were still able to cause enough damaged to the wearer of the armor that the result would be a severe injury or death. (http://www.medieval-life-and-times.info/medieval-weapons/mace.htm) The flanged mace started to be used circa.1100 A.D. (http://www.medievalwarfare.info/weapons.htm)…show more content…
Greek fire, also sometimes called ‘liquid fire’ or ‘sea fire’, bursts into flame upon contact with water and is able to continue to burn on the water and some of the only ways it could be put out was with sand, vinegar or urine (http://stronghold.heavengames.com/sc/history/greekfire) A Syrian engineer named Kallinikos developed it in the Byzantine Empire. The recipe of this concoction was a closely guarded secret because it was so destructive. The Byzantines usually opted to not use it rather than run the risk of the potent liquid falling into enemy hands and used against them. The original recipe is still unknown, though there have been many partially successful attempts to recreate it, though none being nearly as

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