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Warhawk Academy is a greatly recognized student organization for anyone to join because of the many benefits it obtains. Warhawk Academy is uniquely designed for students that want to be a part and give back to their school by participating in many scholastic activities. Warhawk Academy is a selectively-based organization; therefore, admission into this organization is rigorous. This particular organization is socially and scholastically beneficial, and is prosperous for many of its members through the acceptance into the organization and the skills that are gained by being a member. Warhawk Academy is an organization that is designed to enhance the student’s performance in school and in society. This organization is founded for ambitious…show more content…
For example, Warhawk Academy offers all of its members the un-restricted access to park anywhere on campus. This exclusive benefits is to promote promptness to class and to relieve stress about parking violations. Other organizations will talk about the unfairness and the thoughts of others about the situation. Another negative comment one might hear about Warhawk Academy is that the organization is very competitive and selective; however, this fact is only partially true. Competition only occurs when one reaches the junior year of college because the availability decreases as the number of years increase, since Warhawk Academy has exclusive features such as; discounts on books, un-restricted parking, and early access to technology. Selectiveness is not a major concern because as long as one keeps a grade-point average of a 3.8, admission will be granted. Lastly, other organizations might mention the attitude of the members. According to Bentley University, entering into organizations will help one find out about themselves: and this “self-awareness will be beneficial in your future career.” Members are required to show respect and have leadership skills in all situations to successfully accomplish this

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