Warm Bodies Analysis

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Mohammadreza Nikpey ENG4U Ms.Disha 8/25/2014
Warm bodies

The book Warm Bodies is a novella written by Isaac Marion which has taken placed where zombies are the common being and our narrator is a zombie named R. Every day, humans are killed to provide food for zombies who always seem to be starving. The book Warm Bodies falls under the two genres which they include, horror and romance. In order to fit the story to the specific genre, the writer created the characters, theme, and plot in such order that it would satisfy both the audience and officials.
Eating the brain of a person allows zombies to access the memories of that person. One day, while R and his friends are hunting for brains since they were famished, he devours a brain
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Readers are able to recognize the theme of the book which they are including horror and romance simultaneously. On the first glance of the book, the narrator is described as a pathetic and thoughtless man who is no longer human and he has turned into a zombie, not just him there are thousands of them who live together in an airport. ‘’Over the year, many scholars and writers have attempted to explain the appeal of horror. Each has presented their own theories through differing analytical frameworks, and perhaps quite understandably, one of them common explanatory elements for the appeal of horror is the depiction of death.’’(Paffenroth 107) . They have no friends because first of all they cannot really communicate, second they are emotionless which make them to not having any friends. Innocent people get killed by zombies every day to provide food of zombies because human’s brain is the only food that they can eat. This heartless narrator, who seems not friendly at all, falls in love with a human. By filling in love, he realizes that he is able to sense his feeling and do some extraordinary activities that he had never thought of doing and that other zombies are not able to do them such as talking. ’’ Zombies have always represented the worst elements of human civilization. In this part, we examine this relationship between the living and dead between them and us. After all, in the end, it just might turn out that they are one of us.’’(Brown 4). There are many issues that get involved the narrator but he risks his life for her because she is the only thing that can make him feel like human
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