Warm Bodies Film Analysis

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Warm Bodies is meant to bring and set out it 's own understanding of the mythology of zombies, to understand the transformation of becoming a zombie through out the whole movie. The movie mostly revolves around memories and how much they are worth.

Warm Bodies is about a post zombie apocalyptic world. A unique zombie saves a human girl (a warm body) from a zombie attack on her team, the two form an unusual relationship that sets motion events that might transform a whole entire lifeless world at the other side of the wall.

As the movie goes on, the title of the movie has a deeper meaning and sense because of R 's aim; to become a living human, to have a heart beat, saying that eating brains and absorbing the memories of his victims gives him a feeling of being alive. The aim was hinted at the start of the movie. Also because Julie is a human meaning that she has a heartbeat: a warm body. Only when he is around Julie his heart starts 'beating ' and having warmth, becoming a warm body himself.

The good thing about Warm Bodies not being a full comedy movie is that it has funny and sweet moments to appear and those elements mixing in with some of the horror/gothic elements creates a different mix of film for several different audiences.

The film also generates and emotional response through the horror/gothic genre because of the horror/gothic elements and film techniques as said below:

The camera perspective/film technique is as if it was shot through his eyes. As the

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