Warm Bodies: Similarities Between Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Mostly everyone has been exposed to Romeo and Juliet. We’v seen some of the classic movie adaptions, but what about the contemporary? In 2013, Warm Bodies was released. Isaac Morion re-wrote Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a spin. What appeals more to young adults than a love story between a human and a zombie? It follows the same story line as William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. There are many similarities between the movie and the play but they are also distinct from one another. The most obvious resembles are the characters. In the film, we have the character’s of R, the zombie love lead, Julie, the human love lead, M, R’s best guy friend, Perry, Julie’s formers love interest, and Nora, Julie’s confident. Right of the bat,…show more content…
Everyone knows Romeo and Juliet end their lives for “puppy love”. They did so in believe that they could not live without each other. In Warm Bodies the suicide isn’t so obvious. There’s one point in the story there is where they are running away from everyone after them. They end up on a high wall and decide to jump off a wall that’s ten stories higher higher. Their act implies death, however they end up alive.This is where the two stories differ. But both have the same effect in the plot. Romeo and Juliet’s death end their families long lasting feud. The Montagues and Capultets come together and the zombies and humans decide to help each other out. Many would say that Warm Bodies is an adaption of the play Romeo and Juliet while others could say that they’re merely borrowed ideas, either way they both create somewhat similar effects among the audience. We see both arts of literature as romantic. However, Romeo and Juliet is a romantic tragedy where they both end up dead but whereas as Warm Bodies is seen as a comedy romance. Warm Bodies is a modern work of literature and that makes it more relatable to today’s society. Since the more outcome in Warm Bodies was realistic, aside from the zombie apocalypse, it allowed the audience to relate more than they would have Romeo and
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