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Application and Benefits of LED Warning Lights LED warning lights provide a visual alarm to alert people of any danger in a particular environment or application. An LED warning light on vehicles helps them to be visible and attract attention in dangerous or emergency situations. Some of the factors that make LED lamps suitable for use in warning lights are their reliability, low energy consumption, durability and ability to withstand rough environments. In addition, their small size offers designers with the flexibility to build them in many formats to suit a wide variety of applications. Most common methods of installing the lamps are the flush and surface mounting. Where are LED warning lights used? LED warning lights range from indoor types…show more content…
LED warning lights for indoor use are usually different and cheaper than those for mining and similar applications. Due to the harsh condition in such environments, the LED lights have tough transparent casings to withstand the debris without degrading the performance of the fixture. In addition, the housing for the outdoor and harsh environment must be water and dust proof. Surface mounted LED warning lights may use high power bulbs and a die-cast alloy housing for better heat dissipation and cooling of the devices. These are suitable for applications requiring high levels of brightness. Common types of LED warning lights The type, design, and construction of a warning light depend on application and conditions in the particular environment. For this reason, the choice of a warning light for an indoor application will differ from that of an outdoor use. Some common lights are listed below; these differ in construction and applications. • LED emergency lights • Aircraft warning lights • Aviation obstruction warning lights • Helipad Lights • LED strobe warning…show more content…
Below are some factors that make LEDs suitable for warning lights. Small size Small size hence can be used virtually for any space. Small spaces may use strips or strings or single LED. Aircraft runaway or tower warning lights may use several LED bulbs combined to produce a higher light output visible from far during all weathers. Low power consumption Instant on which is critical when flashing or ensuring that the LED turns on immediately conditions exist. Since it does not require warm-up time, it means that the LEDs can provide light on demand without posing any danger. In addition, the flashing is more visible and also saves energy since the bulbs are only on for a fraction of the time. This saves energy consumptions as well as the heat dissipation hence reducing running costs while prolonging the lifespan of the bulbs. Many color options These are available in a wide range of colors to produce the right warning. In particular, the multicolor LED bulbs have the benefit of small size and no requirement for extra wiring. In some applications, the different colors have specific meanings. For example, in traffic lights, Red means danger and people of vehicles should wait. Green means that it is safe to proceed awhile amber indicates that lights are changing from dangerous to safe or vice

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