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Introduction America would not have become a country if there were no invasions. In this work, there is a critical review of the book Warpaths written by Ian K. Steele. The author intends to inform his readers, the modern historians and anyone interested in reading his work, about the history of the North American continent. Steele uses inversions that occurred on the North American continent to elaborate the fact that were it not for them, America could not be what it is today. The author gives a remarkable recap of the history of the continent through its interactions with Europeans. One would marvel at the author’s genius in defining the history of the continent in two accounts that describe how there came to be a European conquest of North…show more content…
102). He demonstrates the effects of the warring activities that characterized the 1500s and the 1600s through his repeated exploration of the conflicts. The war produced cultural transformations as well as other effects. Steele describes the events that transformed the culture of the natives and the subsequent formations of the new Indian groupings as some of the main cultural effects of the…show more content…
His work in Warpaths becomes appealing from the fact that he uses many demonstrations to support his arguments. Altogether, Steele manages to convince his readers that the invasions of North America produced long-lasting impacts on the natives. Therefore, the author’s main conclusion would be that he considers that America would not have become a country if there were no invasions. The rationale is simple, that the continent is diverse in culture and other social aspects, which are effects of the wars. However, his work is too complicated to be understood at first reading because of introduction of new events on almost each page of the

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