Warrant Officer Future

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SUBJECT: Developing Warrant Officers for the Future

1) Purpose: To provide information on developing Warrant Officers utilizing the Warrant Officer 2025 Strategy.

2) Facts:

a. The Warrant Officer 2025 Strategy seeks to produce a capable warrant officer cohort of trusted professionals who are technologically agile, adaptive, and are innovative leaders for the Army’s Force 2025 and beyond. Through optimized accessions, leader development, and world class professional military education (PME) warrant officers can continue to be relied upon to maintain a depth of knowledge and provide expedient solutions to increasingly complex problems now and in the future. The Warrant Officer 2025 Strategy aims to develop cohort centric best practices
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A more robust accessions program is crucial to the future of the warrant officer cohort. This is the first step in selecting and developing our future leaders within our ranks. First and foremost our current warrant officers must be the honest broker when recommending a soldier. If a soldier does not meet the technical competencies that are required of them in the position they are currently serving then how can they be expected to be the future of our cohort. The senior warrant officer who is recommending the applicant must hold the value of the warrant officer cohort above his or her own loyalty to the person they are recommending. Recommending someone based off the “good ole boy” system or because they are a good person does not necessary mean they will be a productive and proficient member of the warrant officer cohort. Along with revising how applicants are recommended we must also address the level of education that is required. Warrant officers must be educated and adaptive leaders. In accordance with AR 135-100 applicants must achieve at least a minimum score of 110 on the General Technical Aptitude Area (GT). While this is an adequate score to receive, raising the minimum score to at least 115 will place an emphasis on the desired level of education and intellect that is expected of applicants. Although this may decrease the amount of eligible applicants that have the desire to become a warrant officer, it will also serve as a means to ensure the cohort is accessing a more technically and logically sound applicant. Finally, reviewing the amount of college that is required of an applicant is an avenue for seeking a better educated soldier. Currently there is no requirement for an applicant to have completed any hours of college education. Creating the requirement for applicants to have at least 30 hours of college ensures that our future warrant officers are educated and have exhibited the ability and willingness to pursue a higher level of

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