Warren Buffet Leadership Style

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1.0 Warren Buffett biography Warren Buffett is a businessman and an investor who is also known as Oracle of Omaha and Sage of Omaha. He is one of the richest and the most respected businessmen in the world. In 2013, he has been listed in ranking 15 as the world’s most powerful people on Forbes magazine. Buffett or his full name Warren Edward Buffett was born in August 30, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the second out of the three siblings and the only boy in his family. Buffett who is the son of a stockbroker and homemaker was really interested in making money at the early age of his life. He has demonstrated his skills for financial and business matters as he started to invest by age of 11 by selling soft drinks and had a paper route. Many of his friends and acquaintances have said that this boy was a miracle boy and very talented in mathematical as he was able to add large numbers and…show more content…
This is because he can be described to be loyal, sets goals, plan a strategy to achieve success and also he stayed committed until he can accomplish his objectives and desire. Buffet is a good leader when he shows empathizes towards his employees. He has a firm stand that he will only critique one’s performance and not the person as a whole. This type of leadership style needs to focus more on the communication among the employer and employees, mutual trust as well as interpersonal respect. Thus, interaction and collaboration can easier been made. Buffet once said that “You must do what you love, but be patient and discipline”. It shows that, to be a successful leader, one’s need to really be patient and committed in whatever we are doing. Among the instrumental values that can form a leadership style that Buffet has are forgiveness, rationality, honesty, ambition, responsibility and many other positive
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