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1.0 Warren Buffett biography Warren Buffett is a businessman and an investor who is also known as Oracle of Omaha and Sage of Omaha. He is one of the richest and the most respected businessmen in the world. In 2013, he has been listed in ranking 15 as the world’s most powerful people on Forbes magazine. Buffett or his full name Warren Edward Buffett was born in August 30, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the second out of the three siblings and the only boy in his family. Buffett who is the son of a stockbroker and homemaker was really interested in making money at the early age of his life. He has demonstrated his skills for financial and business matters as he started to invest by age of 11 by selling soft drinks and had a paper route.…show more content…
He put the community as a priority rather than do something only for his own satisfactions. There are few principles as a servant leader that can be followed. First of all, listening is the most important part. A leader needs to pay attention to their employees in terms of communication and also decision making skills. Other elements that should be considered are empathy and healing. This is to make sure that a leader can understand and cooperate with others. Besides that, a servant leader also needs to be aware of his surroundings in term of general awareness, specifically self-awareness, so that the leaders will have ability for integrity. More than that, a leader should have a sense of persuasion in order to gain agreement on certain plan or decision. Finally, being able to foresee the circumstances and always be ready to take any risk. In my opinion, Warren Buffet has showed the best leadership style. His style can be said as a combination of a democratic leadership, servant leadership and self-empowered leadership which gives different impacts. As a democratic leadership, two way communications is very much important in order to discuss with his employees about things to be accomplished. As a servant leader, empathizes towards his employees is needed to run a company whereas self-empowered leader is all about his loyalty and the strategy plan for…show more content…
The first lesson is a leader must hire the right people and let them run their business but make sure that successors are identified. This is regards to the style of leadership that Buffett has performed. Right people need to be placed in a right position, so that a leader can manage a complex organization effectively and productively. This is very important to ensure that the next generations are dependable to manage and take over the company in the future. Secondly, leader needs to put a trust on them even if the ideas and beliefs they are conveying is controversial. For example, Buffet has divided 98% of his net worth to different philanthropies as it should not only focus in one stock against conventional wisdom. He thinks that the super-rich people in USA should pay more tax and he has taken the opportunities that other investor do not see in a business. We can see that Buffett is very confidence in him and this is an attitude that all leaders must have. To be a really good leader, one must think differently for competitive advantages and

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