Warren Harding And Calvin Coolidge Takeover In The 1920's

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The 1920s was time packed leisure and minimal worries. Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge had different styles in the way they controlled the government. Warren Harding, republican president from 1921 to 1923, campaigned with the slogan “ Return to Normalcy”. 1921 was the first year that women were able to vote and many voted in favor of Harding because of his good looks (Schmarge). Others voted for him because they wanted a republican in charge for a change. Coolidge was Harding’s vice president and took over when he died in the of summer of 1923. Unlike Harding, Coolidge’s personality did not reflect the average American’s after world war one. While they both had different personalities, the way they governed depicted the American temper during the…show more content…
(Calvin Coolidge). Coolidge’s cabinet consisted of Hughes, Mellon, Gore, and Davis. Unlike Hardings cabinet, none of his cabinet members were wrapped up in scandals. In fact, Coolidge ended all the scandals and had none himself. As president, Coolidge thought that the best government was the smallest government (‘Silent Cal’). Unlike Harding, Coolidge rarely spoke and was honest to the public. Citizens liked how honest he was after having Harding as president; this led them to believe in the government. They even continued to engage in post-war activities suck as drink, smoke, and dance while Coolidge was president (Calvin Coolidge). He tried to keep the United States at peace by refusing to enter the League of Nations and placing high taxes on imported goods. Inside the United States, he cut taxes and took a step back from leading the country. Even though he didn’t say much Silent Cal signed the Revenue Act of 1924 which reduced the top marginal tax rate to 46% and eventually 25% (Calvin Coolidge leads the Roaring 20s). People were thrilled with his tax cuts. It reflected post-war happiness and the economic
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