Warren Hood: A Fictional Narrative

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“The storm’s coming a day early now, Hood” “We’ll be ready.” Warren Hood said “The north side is completely evacuated, and the south side about 85%. The park will be completely empty within the next 6 hours or so, and shelters are being set up outside of the severe warning zone.” Warren said firmly. “Alright, alright, I trust you” snapped Commander Boman. Four hours passed. Everything seemed to be going smoothly with the evacuation, but the storm was accelerating as it moved closer inland. It’s E.T.A. was no longer 21 hours, it was 3. Once all evacuation units returned to the headquarters, Hood thought all he and his SAR team of 6 had to do was get themselves away from the path of the storm, but that was when it came. A report of a missing teenager that did not reunite with his family after the evacuation. “We have to go back out there!” “Are you crazy? There 's no guarantee he’s even still in the park! He just didn’t reunite with his family!” “We still have to go out, it’s our job!” “Not when the storm of the century is on the way!” “Everyone shut up!” Warren yelled, sick of all this arguing. “We’re going back in after him! If he’s not there, he’s not there, but at…show more content…
I promise. It was a cliff!” “Well how-” Boman started but he was interrupted by a faint, but loud voice. “Hello? Do you hear me!?” “Who was that?” asked Johnson. “The teen?” asked Alexander. “Hello!” Warren yelled, trying to establish contact with the voice. “I’m over here!” yelled the voice. In the direction that Alexander had fallen. Across the “cliff” from the rangers. “What’s your name?” Boman yelled to the voice. “Brian! Brian Nelson!” yelled the voice. “That’s the name of the kid who was reported missing.” Boman said. “Don’t move, Brian! We’re coming over to get you!” Warren yelled to Brian. “What?” Boman asked. “Going over the cliff? How do you plan to do that, you don’t even know how wide it is!” “We have to! You 're just going to stop here now that we’ve located
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