Warrior Ethos

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The great is a film produced back in 2005. The movie received critical acclaim owing to the manner in which the war theme was reflected. The graphic content of the video plays a vital role in the creation of a perfect storyline. The warring fonts on the paper include the rivalry that exists between the American and Japanese during the period. The application of the theme aids the viewer to understand the underlying issues that are reflected in a movie. The ability of the society to understand the high level of complexity involved in the creation of the storyline is vital in this perspective. The courage that the group of army rangers had in their quest played a relevant role in the film as the realistic themes were addressed efficiently.
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The warrior ethos plays a vital part in the career of a soldier. The warrior ethos of the United States plays a vital part in defining the role of a soldier and the creation of courage in the individual. The ethos stipulates the key values and duties of a soldier that needs to be withheld every moment by the soldier. It reminds the soldier of the ultimate purpose of the service offered. Ideally, it enables the soldiers to develop a positive attitude that serves the interest of the member of the country. The values of a soldier are perfectly mentioned in the warrior ethos as the difficult journey of a soldier is explained the paper efficiently. The movie had some several incidents whereby the warrior ethos was…show more content…
The ability of the guards to initiate an attack on the camp was an absolute act of courage that was inspired by the warrior ethos. The dangers of the mission could have made the soldiers, thin of quitting owing to the complexity of the mission. The scene in which the soldiers undertake the raid on the camp explains the ethos in a broader perspective. The duty of the soldiers that involves never giving up was effectively mentioned in the paper as the soldiers raided the camp to save the prisoners. The disciplined and positive mentality that the soldiers had enabled them to save their fellow soldiers from the brutal Japanese military
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