Warriors Don T Cry Character Analysis

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In the book, Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Pattillo Beals brought significant events that are significantly influenced her and the other characters. There are two factors that I feel have significantly influenced Melba and other characters in the book, such as family and community support and racial politics. Family and community support have significantly influenced Melba because in her family, Melba got support from her Grandma India and Mother Lois. Even though Grandma India is always strict to Melba, Grandma India showed her attention towards Melba. As an example, “You’re staying home, baby … Everything’s being taken from me!” (82). This example brings back to the reading when Grandma India did not let Melba to go anywhere she wants due to…show more content…
As an example, “The famous lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, the man who had delivered the argument that resulted in the Supreme Court’s 1954 school integration ruling” (87). This example shows that since Melba wanted the integration to happen in Central High School, Thurgood Marshall gave Melba the power to become confidence to testify in the federal court. Another example is “The federal court hearing would be one of the most significant in history – a precedent-setting decision could be made that affected the while country (90). This example describes that Melba began to think that the federal court hearing is very important because it makes the community to know what are the court decisions about integration in Central High School. Another example is “I couldn’t stop worrying that they were going to make a decision that could affect the rest of my life, and I wasn’t getting to tell my side” (85). This example indicates that court decisions may make Melba to either be happy or lose hope about it. Also, it is an example when Grandma India believed in Melba that she can make the integration to happen and tell Melba not to lose faith because God is by her side. These racial politics’ examples significantly influenced Melba personality and values by making Melba to believe in herself that she can make the integration
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