Warriors Don T Cry Essay

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In the book Warriors Don 't Cry, Melba and her friends integrate into Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Melba and her friends experiences troubles as she tries to survive integration. Beals reveals a lot of things that would gives hint to things that we see ahead. The book mainly focuses on the south, light has been shed on events in the north around the same time when the Little Rock Nine (Bars) integrated. This essay will make inferences that show how people in the southern schools will continue to be ruthless and slow acceptance for the nine and for the north schools how whites will except African-Americans more. In the future, based on the text, the whites involved with south schools, will stop at nothing to try to flush the African-American kids out. In the text ,on page 111, "...a flaming stick of dynamite whizzed past and landed on the stair just below me." and on page 112 " ' We 're gonna make your life hell, n____. You 'all are gonna go screaming out of here... ' " When they through the dynamite and Melba and…show more content…
Based on the info provided, the north will continue with whites and blacks coming together. In the video '63 Boycott - Today Is Freedom Day there was a white person (whose face wasn 't shown) that said " ... I 'm very much in favor of integration, and I 'm sorry that Mr. Willis (Superintendent Ben Willis) hasn 't done more about it." In those days, it was very dangerous for a white people to speak out, supporting integration So white people doing that, shows that more are willing to risk themselves for the African-American community. The video leads to the inference that a lot of more white people will support integration. Two minutes into the video, you will see a lot of white people in the video, carrying anti-Willis signs, marching along with the many black people. The amount of white people present was so great, this many white people showing up, infers, must mean that more and more will join hands in the fight
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