Warriors Dont Cry Book Report

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It is back-to-school time for Cassie and her brothers. Later in the story you find out that Cassie and her three brothers start school late because they are poor African Americans in Mississippi, and they are needed on the farm. Their school year is shortened due to having to work on the farm. On the way to school, the Logan kids hear about how three local black men were burned , two of the men died.The black men were accused of flirting with a white woman. The Cassie 's father, Papa, returns from his job at the railroad and brings with him a enormous man, L.T. Morrison. Mr. Morrison is there to protect the family while Papa is away due to burnings and lynchings in the area. Later in the school year, the kids get some pretty nasty lessons in racism. The Wallace family is behind the burnings. The Wallace 's own the local store that many of the black sharecroppers are forced to shop at. The Logans are a bit better off than the other black families, because they own their own land and have cash to buy things with. Papa explains to Cassie how important it is to own your own land, and that he will pretty much do anything to keep the land in the family. Cassie’s mom, Mama, organizes a boycott of the Wallace store and…show more content…
My favorite part of the book is the ending because of the amount of suspense. Morely because of all the suspense threw the book then this part is thrown right out you and makes you think wow really. Then you close the book and you enjoy it because you are done with your book report. That gives joy and relief to know you are done with it and that gives you a smile. That is my favorite part of my book report book and why. I would not recommend this book. Because of the fact how most of the book is boring. The only I would recommend this if you are curious about the segregation of whites and blacks. But other than that I found the book overly exachuraded threw most of the book. That is why I would not recommend my book for my book
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