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Samurai warriors were the large and powerful military caste in feudal Japan. The name Samurai literally means “one who serves” and they dedicated their lives to serve the Imperial court. In Japan, the military caste was significant during the 12th century during the first military dictatorship. However, Samurai were not always fierce fighters in wars. Before the 12th century the Samurai were used as guards of the land for higher powers. After the dramatic change in the political power the Samurai served a real and powerful purpose to the warrior caste.
These warriors were built for combat and were always prepared during the war period. Completed with a full set of armor the warriors also followed a strict spiritual set of laws. This set of spiritual conduct was called the “Bushido Code.” The “Bushido Code” is better known as the Way of the Warriors. This set of laws showed how the brave men, warriors, should live and act in their personal and professional lives. It also includes the discipline and mortality a Samurai warrior must undergo to perform well in battle. The Bushido
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They crafted swords to use in battle but also focused on the intricate designs. Warriors had a strong connection with their spiritual selves and their thoughts. These warriors also had a deep knowledge of the meaning of death and thought of each day as their last. Each day they had the courage to prepare to die even if it was sacrificing one’s own life. Warriors worked and fought as their best to follow all the requirements of the Bushido code. If he broke any of these rules of character and moral conduct he would be forced to commit ritual suicide. These courageous Samurai were part of an upper class of Japanese society and set standards for the generations following them. They set moral rules for the children they were raising and taught how to grow an empire with having courage and

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