Warriors Outcast Theme

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What is the key thing to get you through life? You probably guessed it, your family is key. Family is very important you do not want to be in a big fight with your family. In the amazing book Warriors Outcast family is one of the biggest themes. Without family this fictional story would be significantly different. The author of this incredible book is Erin Hunter. Through you may be family you can still go through tough times, but you need to push through it. Now I will show you in this essay how the theme family is shown in the book Warriors Outcast.
Rock shook his head. “Their should be three of you” (Warriors Outcast). In this piece of fiction there is a prophecy, it has been told for thousands of years. It says there will be three cats of the same kin that are descendants of a flame cat. These cats are from the same kin therefore they are related as family,brother and sister. Of course, if there was only two of these cats it would not be the true prophecy, they need each other. As you can see from this brief spot in the book, family is a big key theme in this fictional literature.
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Here they help their brother. They have to help him because he is blind and is deathly afraid of water. When Hollypaw and Lionpaw do this you can see that family is there, they always have your back. They do this other times. For example a quote from the book says, Brambleclaw had picked up Jaypaw by the scuff and edging downward with the young cat dangling from his jaws like a kit(Warrior Outcast). This is when the cats are next to an enormous waterfall, all of the cats have to go down a steep hill that is narrow and has a drop off on one side. Jaypaw is blind consequently his father has to carry him down the hill otherwise he would fall. This is just one more of many examples of the theme
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