Pros And Cons Of The Holocaust

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March 20th, 1993 is when the Holocaust began and when the world saw Jewish men and women move to ghettos and concentration camps around the world. The Jews were taken from their homes, jobs and schools because of the religion they embraced and the culture they represented. From a young age, they were segregated from the rest of the world and discriminated against by a pretentious leader. During these times Nazis would give them false hope and allow them to bring small relics and heirlooms to feel safe. However, the Jews had no clue about the terrific life that was soon to come as they would suffer starvation, molestation, and experimentation. Through chemical showers and cruel/unusual punishment the Nazis dehumanized them and used them as scapegoats.…show more content…
One woman in particular attempted an act of resistance by denying a man 's bargain of sex for food “ In refusing the piece of bread thrown to her by a guard and by rebuffing a sordid offer of food for sex, Madeleine Dreyfus resisted by maintaining her dignity even in the face of psychological and physical duress.” ( Henry 92). During the Holocaust food was scarce for the Jewish civilians because of the physical neglect brought upon them by the nazis. As an attempt to dehumanize them further, Nazis would strip them of the clothes on their backs and deprive them of basic necessities such as food, water and sustainable hygiene, this was to show a sense of superiority; By denying his food Madeline is showing that no one has the authority nor superiority over her people nor her body. This in itself is an act that could ultimately lead to her death. this shows the severity of her predicament because she is denying something that is almost never given to them. Although this is not a resistance that affects her counterparts, this in itself was a woman straying from the inhumane norm without the help of
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