Wart And Lincoln's Courageousness

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Wart and Lincoln also share the leadership quality of courageousness. Wart is turned into a merlin by Merlyn. Merlyn sends Wart to the castle’s mews to spend the night with the other birds. Wart exhibits courage when the other birds tell Wart to go stand beside Cully, who is a malicious hawk, as part of Wart’s initiation. Wart must stand within Cully’s reach until the birds have rung the bell three times. “The Wart’s heart was thumping and now the Colonel was sliding toward him on the perch” (White 83). Wart survives this ordeal and is hailed the King of Merlins. Abraham Lincoln showed great courage as well. “Lincoln stayed with his courageous convictions and did not relent, despite growing pressure to settle with the south and end the war”

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