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The diagnosis of warts is made up by its location and appearance. It is made up of a black dot or a blood looking vessel. It make your skin look very nasty and ugly , it can also be in a shape of some kind of mole. Warts also look like some kind of bumps and , can get bigger and bigger. Its round and hard and can appear anywhere on your body. When your skin is very harmless or rough, it can appear on your skin very easily, that’s why you have to always keep your body clean. Warts is the cause of a virus and is an infection that will come on the top layer of the skin. But, having them kind of problems don’t panic just go to your local doctor and get it check to see what can they do for you.
The three most common types of wart is: Common warts, Plantar warts and Flat warts. It have
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Strong peeling medicine another name for (Salicylic-acid) is like some kind of product that’s something like acid, when you put it on it will remove the layer of the wart basically a cream you can use at home that you put on daily . Cryotherapy is the meaning of (Freezing) but getting that done is done at a doctor’s office. When freezing it , it become a blister it becomes a dead tissue, it fight viral warts but instead you will have to come back and get it done repeatedly for it to go away. Laser-treatment is when you go and get the wart burned off , it look dangerous but the thing it the infected tissue dies and fall off It’s really painful and can also make you scared. Another good treatment you can get to remove a hard area is Electro-surgery even though it’s the same thing as the laser, but the difference is that this item will get the warts off your foot. Curettage is a different type if you don’t want to use the other options all they do is scrape your wart off with a knife. With the Curettage you will have to always use it when you using one of the object it’s called

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