Wartime Mistakes Analysis

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What was it like for Japanese Americans in their own homes and what was it like for the 442nd team when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? In “Wartime Mistakes”, many Japanese Americans were mistaken for Japanese that may have been pretending to live in the United States, so, to many people, they looked like they were the enemy. In “Go For Broke”, the story takes place inside a war and focuses mainly on the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (or the 442nd R.C.T. team). This article is ended with a letter from Frank Hachia to his eighth grade teacher he wrote while he was traveling by sea.

For now, let’s focus on on the similarities between “Go For Broke” and “Wartime Mistakes”. One of the similarities between the articles is their birthplace. They (the 442nd team and many people in “Wartime Mistakes”) were all born in America and were Japanese Americans. They all felt
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The Japanese Americans Looked like the enemy but felt like Americans. I think that this was a great story, but instead of locking people away, the president the president should have had under-cover policemen follow Japanese Americans around and acted like normal people because, the Japanese Americans couldn’t help how they looked, in the end the Japanese Americans were given money and an apology, which doesn’t make up for it but, it shows that the president at the time cared enough to apologize for it even though he had nothing to do with it. The other story is telling you how the 442nd team felt and how they gave the war their all and received the purple-hearts award. This text is interesting and shows how hardworking the team was, even with all the things going on in the United States.There are many similarities and differences, but is mainly telling you what several Japanese Americans went through and how they
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