Was Al Capone A Villain

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When most people think of Al Capone, they often regard him as a villain because of his historical status as a criminal. However, his family knew first hand how loving he could be. From growing up in a large family, to being at the head of an empire, Capone was always there to help those who needed him. His enemies, however, knew that Capone did not have the desire to serve everyone. Capone is not rightfully described as just a criminal: in addition to being a ruthless killer, he was also a caring family man and a masterful business person.
Al Capone was born into a very rough family and environment. He was born January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. Most Italian families, like Capone’s, had difficulties making a modest living. Their neighborhood was marked by saloons, dance halls, tattoo parlors, and drunken sailors (Yancey, 2003, 13). Anti-Italian prejudice riddled Capone during most of his childhood.
Al Capone had a very large family, featuring eight siblings. When Capone was born, he had three brothers, however, he was not the youngest in the family for long. His parents later had three more boys and two girls. His first sister, Rose, died after birth, so his parents later had Mafalda, who became the spoiled princess of the family (Yancey, 2003). The less spoiled boys were full of mischief, but were taught to be respectful of their parents (Yancey, 2003).
Capone’s schooling was a roller coaster, which ultimately fell apart. His first teacher remembered him as a
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