Was Alexander The Great Really A Tyrant?

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Alexander has been named Alexander the Great, but was he really a great leader? Alexander did have some great accomplishments, but all of the many terrible things he did overpower the great things. The tactics he used in order to leave such great legacies were harsh and forceful. People only pay attention to the world-changing things he did when they should really focus on how he did them. Alexander was selfish, cruel and an overall power-hungry tyrant. Alexander is very well known for blending cultures, but what people don’t realize is that he used methodical, demanding ways to do so. If Alexander was a great leader he would have found a nicer way to do this, but Alexander wanted fast, easy power over large areas of land. For example, in 324 B.C.E., Alexander deduced that he must “...[force] his men to marry Persian women as a way of making sure there is a blending of cultures.” (World Generation: Timeline) This supports that Alexander was forceful because made his men marry and have children against their will. Alexander was a tyrant for many reasons including only caring about himself and his forceful and cruel tactics. Alexander is also famous for being the greatest military leader but he was a very bad person and he was cruel to people who hadn’t surrendered. He didn’t care about…show more content…
Alexander demanded that people blend cultures against their will, punished civilizations that refused to surrender and tricked people into thinking that he cared about his army. Some say he was involved in his own father’s death because Alexander wanted the crown. He did horrific things in order to succeed earning him the common title “Alexander the Great.” People would stop calling him by this false name if they knew the real roots of Alexander’s story. All in all, some people might think that Alexander was a great leader, but his greatness is actually a
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