Was America A Christian Nation Analysis

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Historians will say that America was not intended to be a Christian nation, but rather a secular nation. However, on much of our national currency, with our founding fathers portraits on them, you can find the phrase “In God We Trust.” So if America was intended to be a secular nation why would we put a saying that refers to God on our national currency? The history behind the phrase “In God we trust,” being printed on our national currency is that President Eisenhower signed that the national motto of the United States would be “In God we trust.” So if the national motto refers to a God, does that make America a religious or Christian nation? And if America is not a Christian nation, how can the Christians in this nation follow Jesus? Throughout…show more content…
The first is that, all references to God were purposely left out so that America could be a more secular nation. The second reason was to not have the national level decide how the government and religion coincide but to let the state level decide how to view government and religion. The writers of the document wanted to have a more secular government, a nonreligious, non-scared government. It seems that according to Fea, the Constitution was not meant to be a religious document, and that America was not meant to be a religious nation. (Fea…show more content…
You see the amount of sin in the world if you were to watch the news for a couple minutes. It is full of people murdering, raping, and doing immoral things to bring themselves pleasure. When Jesus came to the earth, he became man, but did not become like man. He did not assimilate to the structure of society, but instead challenged others to follow him and change their lives for the better. That is what God is calling us towards today. He is calling us to be light to the world and follow Jesus. One of the easiest ways to follow Jesus in America is to love one another. This is one of the most important commandments God gives us. We are called to show love to those who don’t deserve it, and those who do not know the kind of love God offers. We need to see Jesus for the miracle worker, carpenter, and passionate human. Not conforming to the modern events, and what society pressures us to believe. We cannot make Jesus into someone he is not, not making Jesus into a hippie, feminist, or superstar. To follow Jesus in America, we must love each and see Jesus for who he is to us. Following Jesus in America, where it is debated whether or not America is Christian or not, can be difficult based on the pressures of society, but also everyone will have their different beliefs/ways to follow
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