Was Apollo 11 Conspiracy Fact Or Fiction?

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Apollo 11 faked? Was Apollo 11 fiction or nonfiction? You see there is a lot of confusion going on. Many people believe the government has filmed the Apollo 11 instead of it really happening. Did the government make this up to scare off our opponents in the vietnam war? The United States of America was in a space race against Russia, and the Soviet Union. Is this conspiracy fact or fiction?
People around the world believe it did happen, but me, well not so much. I believe the government has lied to many people all around the world. During this time, we were losing two different battles, one was the Vietnam War, the other a space race against the Soviet Union, and Russia. There are many things not everyone knows about Apollo 11, but you see
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There’s also tracks where a Lunar Model has been, and Neil Armstrong 's footprints. Lot’s of other countries including the Soviet Union, and Russia were tracking Apollo 11. Did the war make us feel the need to win the space race?
Now time for my rebuttal. How do you know it was the lunar buggy that left that mark? That whole scientists fired lasers thing it’s good, but how do they know it didn’t hit something else? Once again with the whole four hundred thousand people worked for ten years on this, what if they thought it was real? What if the government let them keep working to throw off our opponents? Those footprints could have been any astronauts footprints if they had the same size shoe. Also several countries were tracking us then, but how do we know that we didn’t put the tracker on something else, and sent it to space. For all anyone knows, the United States of America government could have painted a painted a backdrop and made it into a movie. The pictures of the moon were miles apart and yet they still had the same background. How could this be? Yet not only that they had no stars. After all I mean shouldn’t they have stars or something. It’s our solar system out there we should see

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