Was Asoka An Enlightened Ruler Analysis

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Asoka "Greater Than Any King or Emperor" Many have been tryintt to deliberate whethethe India Leader Asoka was an enlightened ruler or a ruthless conqueror. Asoka sent soldiers to kill the Kalingans to complete his empire, over 100,000 Kalingans were killed. After battle Asoka had a turning point in his life where he devoted himself to spread the word of Buddha 's Teachings and decided to ignore violence bought his way. Was it just an act to decieve people? Or was a Asoka a truly changed being. Therfore Asoka was an Enlightened Ruler who woked hard for his people and focued on helping others to make a better society. How could Asoka be a ruthless conqueror? Numerous people still think of him as the same man who once sent his army to Kalinga to kill their people and conqueror them. After the battle, Asoka sat under the Bodhi Tree that Buddha had once sat under. And Asoka found enlightenment that day, Asoka was forever a changed man. Document C reads, ' 'A rejection of the path of violence...he gave rich gifts to the poor...consulted local communities about proper goverment". Asoka did for his people once he found inner peace. He granted prisnors a respite for three days, so they could talk and say a final goodbye to loved ones before they were killed. Asoka believed that,"one who does wrong shouldbe forgiven ' '. The ' 'Beloved of the Gods ' ' planted medicinal herbs that would be useful to man or beast. ' 'Have been brought and planted wherever they did not
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