Was Batman A Hero

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A hero is not one who is physically strong or one who is evil hearted. In the world, there are many famous people who are not heroes, but some believe they are. For example, Batman is a hero to many children and they look up to him. However, Batman uses his strength to fight evil and is evil hearted because he does not think about the number of people who could get hurt because of his actions. “Deep down, Clark 's essentially a good person... and deep down, I 'm not”(Batman). This quote proves that Batman is evil because it shows that he thinks he is a bad person. Normally people think that they are good, and those who know they are evil are truly evil. In addition, a hero is one who is inspiring, although Batman does inspire many societies he inspires them to fight evil using their physical strength and that isn’t considered heroic, thus he is not a…show more content…
Another example of an anti-hero is Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the leader of Germany during World War II; he led the Nazis to war and executed over 6 million Jews because of their religion. Some people considered him a hero because he executed the enemies of the German people, one of his mottos was “Strength lies not in defense but in attack. “(Hitler).This shows that he was not inspiring because heroes never try to show that fighting physically is the answer as it can cause a bigger problem and cause people to get hurt, yet Hitler believed that it was okay to fight proving he is not a hero. In addition, Hitler is not a hero because he killed 6 million innocent Jews just because of their race, which proved he was villainous, and a hero cannot be evil. A hero cannot be one who is evil spirited, or physically strong because this does nothing to help the society function and a hero 's main job is to work to help the society
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