Was Benjamin Franklin A Good President

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Do you think Benjamin Franklin was a good president? Benjamin Franklin was unconventional his youth but later made a great contribution to society his contributions not only impacted society, but was also impacted by his unconventionality. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts January 17, 1706. He died at the age 84 April 17, 1790 Benjamin Franklin’s family settled in Massachusetts he was born on Milk Street, in Boston M.A Pennsylvania hospital. Benjamin’s father wanted him to go to Harvard so he sent him to Boston Latin School. He was very smart so he got to skip ahead. Benjamin Franklin went to Boston Latin School for elementary. His father pulled him out of school after elementary, so he didn’t get to attend to much school, his father needed his help. So franklin didn’t get to graduate. Benjamin Franklin didn’t attend high school or college, the only school he went to was Boston Latin he also went to grammar school until he was ten.
Benjamin mothers name was Abiah Folger, & his father’s name was Josiah Folger. Benjamin Franklin married Deborah read Rogers on September first. They had 3 children their 1st child was boy named William, their 2nd child was a girl her name was Sarah they called her sally, their 3rd child was a boy name Francis, they called him Frankie. He died from a young age. Benjamin Franklin’s first started his
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He didn’t go to high school or college his dad needed his help with stuff so he pulled him out of elementary. He was already smart and knew how to read & write. His brother miss treated him. His brother was mean & wanted everything to go his way Ben franklin couldn’t take it any more so he ran away. Benjamin Franklin, contributions were a working life for his brother who was a printer and newspaper publisher in
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