Was Benjamin Harrison A Good President

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Benjamin Harrison was a great President because he was well-educated in the law and in the military. Plus, he handled tough situations. Although he was well reserved, Harrison put his foot down for the things he truly believed in. With all this, Benjamin Harrison passed many acts that shaped the US.

Many can relate to saying that Harrison was intellectually inclined. Not only was he educated in the law, Benjamin received tactical information from fighting in the Civil War. Furthermore, his relatives can be traced back to prior presidents and other influential people dating back to Jamestown. His relatives really paved away for Benjamin Harrison to start his political profession. Even at a young age, Benjamin was introduced to politics. Due to his family 's past in the government, Benjamin Harrison felt impelled to follow in their footsteps and continue the legacy. He officially started politics in 1857, and in the same
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Most importantly, Harrison got things done and pulled through with his promises. Benjamin got things done in a timely manner. He was not hasty in decision-making. He passed two major acts, but he passed roughly 6-8 bills / acts during his presidency. Because of his well-rounded character, Benjamin helped all the different issues going on in the country. He didn 't just worried about US’s foreign affairs; he worked on our defenses, extending the United States, and help lower class citizens make ends meet. This is just a few things he did for our country! Some people didn 't always agree with the way he resolved conflict, but he still fixed them. Another thing about Benjamin Harrison is while he was our president he always did a thorough job! He hardly left a patchy job for another president to clean up later. Whatever he did, he did it right!

To conclude, Benjamin Harrison was a good president because he showed great leadership skills and knew what to do in difficult situations. He actually put the time and effort into being a good
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