Was Brutus Justified In Julius Caesar Research Paper

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Has Brutus truly justified the need to kill Caesar or has he simply rationalized it for himself? Brutus has multiple reasons that support him in joining the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar. He did the right thing by joining the conspiracy because he’s loyal to the people of Rome. Brutus believes that Caesar will become full of himself once he’s in power and forget about the people. Lastly he thinks that Caesar is rude and arrogant towards others. In act ii Brutus makes a claim that supports his reason for murdering Caesar by stating “And for my part I know no personal cause to spurn at him but for the general”(II, i, 10-12). In this sentence Brutus is using a form of pathos. This is considered pathos because he is saying Caesar should be killed for the people of Rome. From this statement it can be interpreted that Brutus joined the conspiracy for the needs of the people. From him receiving the letters that stated how great of a ruler Brutus would be, he was persuaded into joining the conspiracy to plot killing Caesar. …show more content…

In both the statements made by Brutus, they are ethos. It is clear Brutus has built a strong dislike for his view of Caesar getting crowned king. He makes it out to be that Caesar will do no good as king. Caesar will only think of himself as the highest of them all, and forget about the people of Rome who supported him. The statement about the serpent's egg is about how killing him while “in the egg” or before he is crowned, could be explained by if he was killed before he got the power he could do no

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