Was Brutus Justified In Killing Caesar

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The noblest Roman of all was Brutus for many reasons. In many cases Brutus would rather chose death over a life with no honor. He claimed all the traits honor; integrity, decency, morality, and rectitude. His decision to kill Caesar was not based on his own views or the views and beliefs of others he made his decision on which would be best for rome and for its people. Brutus was a gentle and honest man who killed caesar for the right reasons and not just so he would have a greater shot at becoming the king of rome. He would have rather watched himself die a thousand deaths than to watch his city in peril. Cassius helped talk Brutus into killing Caesar over jealousy. Brutus only went along with the idea because he knew that Caesar was an improper ruler for rome and its people. Brutus put his city and its people n front of him and that was his tragic flaw. Since brutus put his city before himself t stopped him from thinking what was the best himself. If Brutus thought about killing Caesar before actually doing it he may have made a better decision and prevented the death of himself and many others …show more content…

He had the attitude of a fair ruler, one who cared for his people and would listen. He had an attitude unlike caesars. Caesars attitude was a you cant touch this attitude where he wouldnt listen to pesants while Brutus would have gone out of his wa to listen to even the littlest of people. I believe that Brutus would have been the leader that rome needed all along to help keep the country a whole. Brutus was the noblest man of all of rome because he was his own person and thought for others before he thought of himself. He killed caesar for the better of his country and not for the better of himself. He has respect and was a honerable

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