Was Canada Proud Of Their Country Analysis

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Many Canadians are proud of their country. However, there are also many Canadians that are not proud of their country. In the past Canada has had positive memories and negative ones too. The negative ones outweigh the positive ones and here’s why. Canada did not treat aboriginal people civilly, the voting system was disorganized, and most importantly, there was the Great Depression. For these very reasons, Canada is not a country to be proud of. Canada treated aboriginal people unfairly making Canadians citizens not to be proud of their country. Young aboriginal kids would be taken away from their own houses . The parents would try to hide their children in attempt to not let them go . At residential schools, some kids were sexually abused,…show more content…
They were most furious about not being able to vote. Women’s suffrage groups were groups of women that fought for the right of voting . Suffragettes are people who want to vote, but cannot . They smashed windows and put gasoline in water just because they could not vote . In 1878 was the first women’s suffrage movement and it was led by Dr. Emily Howard Stowe . In 1918, women’s suffrage groups eventually got what they wanted and that was the right to vote for every woman in Canada . This, however, did not help many Canadians (both male and female) that did not have Canadian ethnicities. It was not until many years later that Canadians of different ethnicities could vote . The Chinese/Japanese Canadians got the right to vote in 1947, the Inuit in 1950 and sometime in 1960, the First Nation people even got the right to vote . This is another reason to why Canadians are not proud of their…show more content…
The Great Depression started in 1929 . It was also referred to the “Dirty Thirties” . Many young people had to put their lives on hold due to it . To make matters even worse, the U.S were going through a drought at the time and could not help whatsoever . Around the same time of when the Great Depression started, just before, the stock market crashed . Even though it was not the sole purpose of the Great Depression, it sure did add on to it . Most companies that lent people money, lost their business and went bankrupt . Since many people did not have much money, many factories were left with large inventories of goods . Between 1932 and 1936, the government established unemployment relief camps . The camps would pay the men 20 cents a day of construction work . The number of immigrants that were accepted into Canada dropped by more than 150,000 people . Also Canada’s birthrate dropped from 13.1 live births per 1000 in 1930, to only 9.7 live births per 1000 by 1937 . This is the final reason to why Canadians are not proud of their country. To conclude, Canada is not a country to be proud of for the reasons stated above. Canada did not treat aboriginal people lawfully, did not establish the voting system acceptably, and the Great Depression happened. There are also many other reasons to why Canada is not a country to be proud of but these are the main three that stand out. And that’s why Canada

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