Was Charlemagne A Good Husband

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Charlemagne was a great emperor and father. Some would say that he was a great husband but he had a few wives so I disagree a little bit. I feel like if he was a great husband he would not have been married so many times. Once and twice you can blame on the wife but the on the fourth wife it becomes obvious that you 're the problem. One of his closest friends Einhard wrote a biography about Charlemagne and covered multiple question such as what policies made him a great effective emperor, was Einhard biased while writing this biography because he was a close friend to Charlemagne, did he masks his weaknesses etc. The question I asked while reading this article is was Charlemagne this perfect. It seemed like Einhard was his biggest fan and…show more content…
In all honesty Charlemagne was a great emperor. He is the reason that the kingdom transitioned into the Modern Europe we know now. His two policies expansion and christianity helped him being a good emperor. He had a vision and he did a really good job at making his vision come true. He wanted all the Germanic people in one kingdom and he wanted them to convert to christianity. By 800 AD his Frankish Kingdom included all of modern France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, large areas of Italy and Spain. That is a lot of territories he conquered during his reign. I do not know a lot of other emperors that conquered that much land. Another one of his policies that made him a great emperor was the concept of learning. He realized how illiterate his citizens were and instead of ignoring it he did something about it. When he had to go to Rome to get a bible that he could read he figured out there was a problem. He turned to Alcium for help with the learning curriculum. His curriculum became the origin of the seven liberal arts. His curriculum included grammar, rhetoric, and logic, math, science, our humanities, music, arts, etc. An emperor that was selfish and did not care about anything but power and money would not have cared enough to get with a Anglo Saxon scholar to create a curriculum. That is trouble he did not need to go through but because he did that curriculum was the base for the curriculum we know and learn…show more content…
Charlemagne treated his daughters different than how woman were treated during this time and in the past. He actually taught his daughters how to read instead of leaving them illiterate. He respected his daughters which woman during this time and in the past did not get a lot of respect. They were supposed to clean the house and take care of the children. Charlemagne made his daughters learn other skills. I really respect Charlemagne for that because he did not show favoritism between the sexes. I mean of course there were things that the daughters did not do but the sons did but he did not treat them like objects or a housewife. Charlemagne was an all around great guy and emperor. He may not have been the best husband but he made up for it because he was an amazing emperor. He had to be to still be relevant in classes today and even in the curriculum. Many other emperors were great at being warriors or having a great army but Charlemagne was different. Him being different made him
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